Ultrasonic soundscape under nightsky

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Timo Kuhmonen
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Ultrasonic soundscape under nightsky

Beitrag von Timo Kuhmonen » 10. Sep 2020, 14:47

just wondering, has anyone observed this ? I have not visited yet in Germany, I assume you still have more distant areas, that have less human created noises ?

here is two samples of flying mammals sounds :-)
http://timokuhmonen.kuvat.fi/audio/spec ... ram001.png
http://timokuhmonen.kuvat.fi/audio/spec ... ram001.png

Those higher frequency pulses are from the ultrasonic radar. Audio 0011 file -> I have been told it is northern bat (Eptesicus nilssonii) slightly above 30kHz. Based on wikipedia map, it is living on areas of Germany also...

It would interesting to observe these more. And maybe to try take photos of them, under a clear night sky using flash on camera. This is not easiest area on photography :-) Maybe next summer then...

Laura Kranich
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Re: Ultrasonic soundscape under nightsky

Beitrag von Laura Kranich » 15. Sep 2020, 07:57

Hi Timo! :)

That's interesting! I have never recorded their audio but I can actually hear them sometimes with my own ears. :) Not the 30kHz-ish frequencies of course (well, who knows. :D) but I assume they also make lower pitch noises at times.
When I recorded some perseid meteors earlier in August I caught quite a lot of large bats (I assume some Nyctalus noctula) over a field hunting insects and I was really amazed by seeing this, you would have barely seen them with the naked eye, because they're so fast and human night vision is really not the best in terms of both spacial and temporal resolution. :D
Enjoy watching!

Viele Grüße aus Kiel,



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