Northern lights & central Finland 27/28-9-2020

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Timo Kuhmonen
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Northern lights & central Finland 27/28-9-2020

Beitrag von Timo Kuhmonen » 28. Sep 2020, 19:04

Last night was a good one :-) I attach one sample of my images. Got still shutter problems with my old Nikon D200. But managed to get some photos at least. This one is taken at 02:10 local time. Direction to east sky...

The display did not have all the brightest auroras. Couple of more brighter aurora forms, I was able to see visually pink colors on green bands...

To me most enjoying was the different forms. In certain phase of last night, there was pulsating green patches at zenith. Typically lasted for about 2..3 seconds. Then disappearing to appear again in another location. Later, also fast rising wide and diffuse arcs in northern sky. I did not have any possibility to save these on image sensor, with longer exposure. I think it would have required at least Sony A7s video, with big aperture wide angle lens and boost up of ISO sensitivity...


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