Diffraction grating film

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Timo Kuhmonen
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Diffraction grating film

Beitrag von Timo Kuhmonen » 24. Feb 2021, 14:21


is there anyone on this forum, who has used a diffraction grating film ? Did not found a thread on search here...

Just picked up letter in the mail, containing small piece of 1000 lines per mm grating. First look it seems almost fully transparent, but it needs to look at an suitable angle. I tested it also with red laser on my IR thermometer, and I can see dots on both sides of the main laser beam. Looks promising :-)

Purpose is next to test visually, and try to identify few spectral spikes of the fluorescent bulb light. After that I try to fix somehow it camera setup, for first testing (DMK 31AU03 camera). If all goes ok there, the spectrum line visible on the images, should be transferred to spectrum software. There is couple of options available...

And also test finally that setup, modified to my Watec 910 camera. But that would require a bright fireball to get decent spectrum...


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