[Halo] 2021-04-13 Reflection subsun, Taivaanvahti

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[Halo] 2021-04-13 Reflection subsun, Taivaanvahti

Beitrag von Timo Kuhmonen » 15. Apr 2021, 20:48


This is the case where I posted links on the Zoom session at 14.4.2021. I put these also on forum, if someone is interested :-) From this case there is now six observations
https://www.taivaanvahti.fi/observation ... /desc/0/20

Same observations on map
https://www.taivaanvahti.fi/observation ... /desc/0/20

By zooming in map, it can be seen that all are not located very far from each other...

During meeting someone presented the weather history data for southern Finland. Was it Andreas M. ? What was the link to that weather archive site? I saw that time, that no rain detected by weather radars (on direction of setting sun)...

I looked sun location on sky at Stellarium (Helsinki, 13.4.2021 - local times below, 3h ahead of UTC)
20:05 - Az./Alt.: +284°11'40.2"/+2°52'21.0"
20:10 - Az./Alt.: +285°16'23.6"/+2°18'22.7"
20:15 - Az./Alt.: +286°21'11.8"/+1°45'06.8"
20:20 - Az./Alt.: +287°26'05.5"/+1°12'43.9"

Is there any possibility to draw a sun direction lines with Google earth, I do not know to how to do it... If someone knows how-to, I will let you do it :-)

taivaanvahti, older cases - more detailed discussion for similar phenomena (Heijastus-ala-aurinko). To me it looks, that second link of these have most complete description (M. Riikonen)


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