[HALO] Reflection subsun (Taivaanvahti, various years)

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Timo Kuhmonen
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[HALO] Reflection subsun (Taivaanvahti, various years)

Beitrag von Timo Kuhmonen » 23. Jun 2020, 10:05


I'll inform on this new thread, because I did not found an older one of this topic? One interesting looking halo is observed (29.5.2020, Muonio-Finland)

It does not look like ordinary sunpillar. On the observation it is identified as reflection subsun. Lot of sky needs to be with cloud cover. In the direction of sun, there is small hole on cloud cover. Sun shines a narrow ray there. Light is reflected from the lake surface. I am not fully sure if that is clear water surface, or partly ice covered. There is visible some "banding" in the halo, like many narrower pillars close to each other. On Google map, there is approx 12km distance to the other lake (Pallasjärvi) on the north-east direction.

Other samples of similar halo (photos by J-E Holopainen) -> images can be seen by pressing blue info button (small "i" symbol)


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