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von Nicolas Rossetto
2. Dez 2018, 10:53
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Thema: Rare halos display (Taivaanvahti, 27.11.2018)
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Re: Rare halos display (Taivaanvahti, 27.11.2018)

Hello there.

Indeed, those are very impressive sharp halos.
I wish I were here to take 1000 pictures with fisheye and tripod to then stack them et extract every halo possible...
von Nicolas Rossetto
3. Feb 2017, 13:42
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Thema: Halophänomen Jordanien 04.12.2016
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Re: Halophänomen Jordanien 04.12.2016

Wow, those are really nice halos.
On the tricker arc area, isn't that a blue spot that we can see too ?
How high was the sun at the time of the picture ?
von Nicolas Rossetto
21. Jan 2015, 22:26
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Thema: Halophänomen 18.Jan.2015
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Re: Halophänomen 18.Jan.2015

Nice dispaly indeed. We had some interesting halos as well in eastern France this day, but no Lowitz arcs. By the way, on your gif: http://www.lightsearcher.de/AKM/A/AA0_180115_01f.gif Is it not the Middle Lowitz which is tangent to the Sunvex Parry arc, and the Upper Lowitz tangent to the Suncave A...
von Nicolas Rossetto
2. Nov 2014, 16:10
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Thema: Großes Halophänomen 01.11.2014
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Re: Großes Halophänomen 01.11.2014

What an incredible halo display! Especially when you zoom on the 3 Lowitz arcs on the left parhelia, very neat, very well formed. What a day to remember !
von Nicolas Rossetto
19. Aug 2014, 15:42
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Thema: Halos + Parrybogen 17.08.2014
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Re: Halos + Parrybogen 17.08.2014

Hello there. Nice display indeed. The same part of cloud traveled 3-4 hours earlier on eastern France, where I am located, and we had also a nice display, but without Parry arcs.
I made a little timelaspe of stacked images from 13h03 to 16h03, where we can see the halos.

N. R.
von Nicolas Rossetto
6. Jul 2014, 15:35
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Thema: RB-Methode in GIMP?
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Re: RB-Methode in GIMP?

Hallo R-minus-B method is doable via Gimp by selecting the 'RGB mixer' function in the 'Colors' menu as shown on image below: https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2920/14586018904_727928918d_o.png And then select the 'Monochrone' option, in order to render it into Black & White. If you are processing your...